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French Country Style House

Owners of a modest 1940’s house on a narrow lot needed to expand their home to accommodate a family of eight and large gatherings. In the course of the renovation, the house was radically transformed: the first-floor ceiling was increased from eight foot four to ten feet and a sizeable addition was added to the rear. Much of the original house was demolished.

A central stair hall spatially organizes the house. The public spaces on the first floor include a 25-foot dining room, formal living room, and a large eat- in kitchen. Bedrooms and bathrooms occupy the second floor; there are private terraces off two of the bedrooms facing the rear.

From the street, the owners wanted a façade that would be simple and dignified; they sought to avoid the look of a grandiose mansion. The French country house became an inspiration for the architect to achieve their desired aesthetic. The rear façade is less symmetrical and has large areas of glass to take advantage of the south exposure. One story additions, projecting bays, terrace and brick retaining walls provide a visual transition to the sloping rear yard and help break down the scale of the house.  

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